Friday, July 23, 2010

Fiery Friday - Tongs and Reminder of Beats Beats and Eats

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     Today I am going to show some of my tongs and what each is used for. All of my tongs were made by myself as I needed them for a particular job. That's the great thing about being a blacksmith, you can make your own tools. I know a lot of people spend hundreds of dollars buying commercially made tongs of every shape and size they can find and personally I think this is unnecessary. I have gone to other blacksmith shops that have a plethora of tongs and you can tell they haven't used most of them in years if at all. They stick to about five pairs and that's about it. I have about three pairs of tongs that I use regularly and about five more that I use only on special jobs.

Here is the first pair of tongs I ever made. They are what most would consider the most common generic "tong". I use these to hold just about anything under the size of 3/8" thick. The business end has a v-notch in the middle to help hold round stock. These work great.

These are usually considered "bolt" tongs. They can hold about 5/8" round or square stock and have a large opening near the jaw to allow for odd sized pieces. These are great for railroad spikes as they allow me to hold the head side.

These started off as scroll tongs that had conical shaped tips for bending. Well, they didn't work to well as they constantly bent on me so I flattened the tips and made them into pickup tongs. They are great for picking small pieces out of the forge that lay flat against the forge floor. I use them a lot for picking up hot pieces that I drop on the floor. That's where they get the name "Pickup Tongs"

Here is a pair of specialty tongs I made just to hold the acorns I make. It wraps around the acorn and protects it while I forge around it. When the tongs close around the acorn they hold very tight to it.

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Reminder: Tonight is Beets, Beats & Eats
Iron Oak Farm has been invited to sponsor Sustainable Living Night in downtown Ortonville.

The Ortonville DDA presents Beats, Beets, & Eats. "The Unconventional Farmers Market" The events range every Friday night 6pm - 9pm starting June 18th - September 3rd at Crossman Park, Downtown Ortonville, Mi
The nights include free kids activities, arts and craft, live music, 50/50 raffles, local produce, and dinner from local vendors.
Each night has a different theme and we are sponsoring "Sustainable Living Night" July 23rd. Come check it out!!

June 18 Art Contest/ MacPhee's
June 25 Kids Night/ Papa Bella's
July 2 Community Outreach/ OUMC
July 9 Desert Angel Packing/ OUMC
July 16 Bike Night/ DDA
July 23 Sustainable Living/ OUMC (Iron Oak Forge)
July 30 Classic Car/ Kids Night/ OUMC
August 6 Quilt Show
August 13 Pet Night
August 20 Kids Night/ Papa Bella's
August 27 Garden Exchange/ OUMC
Sept 3 Photo Contest/ OUM

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