Monday, September 8, 2014

Early Autumn Brings a Change of Pace

The freezer is quickly filling with the last treasures that the garden will produce. I think it's going to be an early end to tomato season. The plants produced a ton of fruit all at once, and are already dying back. The zucchini are slowing down as are the cucumbers. I still have two cabbages that I'd like to turn into sauerkraut, Brussel spouts that we'll probably eat out right and another picking of beans.

Our pumpkin patch is so disappointing. We focused this spring on getting the hay equipment fixed and ready to go and unfortunately we didn't get our pumpkins planted in the quantity I wanted. We only have a handful for decorating, eating and carving. Next year...things will be different! I'm really missing those beautiful orange globes.

As the garden duties wane, and the days are getting cooler, I've been craving time at my spinning wheel. Something about the fall makes me want to get my hand on our beautiful Mohair wool from the goats.

I've been adding roving and yarn to our Etsy shop each day.

Zach has been taking advantage of the cooler temperatures as well to spend some time in the heat of the forge.

He's been creating some new items like this pair of rustic candle holders. He also hopes to have some new scarf pin designs available for fall.

The Autumnal decorations are slowly making their way around the house. When my mom came over last week to make zucchini bread she also helped me arrange this sunflower wreath,

inspired by the beautiful sunflower fields we've been visiting this year.

I'm also working on a new Autumn-themed coloring book that I hope to have printed by the end of September.

I enjoy sitting with my sketch pad in the evenings creating Fall images that I hope your children will enjoy coloring. As the coloring book comes along, I will post some free pages that you can print out at home.

Lots of new things happening on the farm. Is Autumn coming where you live? If yes, what changes does the new season bring to your home and family?

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KathyB said...

Temperatures in the 50's last night here in Southwest Virginia, so, yes, it feels very much like Fall! I'm inspired to clean out the last tomato stragglers in the garden and in a few days hope to pick beans from my second planting. Time to get the indoors cozy, as well. I've changed out some throw pillows and will be putting away the 4th of July/Labor Day red, white and blue decor. I love this time of year!

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