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We've come a long way since 2009 when we brought home our first two goats Knit and Purl. Beautiful angora doelings only 5 months old. We've since increased our herd to 7 Angoras and 8 Dairy goats. Goats are wonderful animals and the care of our herd is my favorite part of fiber art. To the right is our newest doeling, Harriette born 3-6-2013.   

This is a list of posts that cover working with fiber. From shearing the goat to knitting with the finished yarn. Some of the titles without links are subjects that I need to cover in future posts. If you are interested in purchasing our fiber, roving or hand spun yarn visit our Etsy site Iron Oak Farm.

Is there a subject you would like me to cover? I will do my best! Email me questions at jenniferannmurphy@yahoo.com or visit our Facebook Page for daily updates with all our animals and projects!

Angora Goats, The Love of Raising our Curly Girls

Shearing Day
Spring Shearing
Spring in Full Force
Shearing the Angora Rabbits
2013 Fall Mohair Shearing 

Washing Mohair


Tour A Wool Processing Mill
100% Mohair Roving
Storing Roving, Hand Crochet Coil
Mohair, Mohair, Everywhere!
Dying Wool with Kool-Aid
Dyeing Fiber with Black Walnuts (Video!)
Another Way to Dye
Dying Roving

Storing roving

Part 1 Intro to Spinning: Threading the Wheel
Part 2 Intro to Spinning: Drafting the Fiber
Part 3 Intro to Spinning: The First Twists on the Wheel
Part 4 Intro to Spinning: Filling the Bobbin, Single Ply
Part 5 Spinning Video
Part 6 Starting and Stopping the Roving Video 
Part 7 Finishing the Yarn Video
Part 8 Removing the Filled Bobbin and Beginning to Ply
Part 9 Plying
Part 10 Plying Video
Part 11 Using the Skeiner
Part 12 Using the Knitty Knotty
Part 13 Creating a Skein
Projects, Spinning Colored Fleece
Strengthening and Straightening a Soft Single Ply Yarn 

Plying and Color Technique

Finished Projects (Some of these are old, but it gives you an idea of the end results.)
New Products!
New Products!
Electric Yarn
New Yarn
Handspun and Hand dyed Roving and Yarn for Sale
Projects, Finished Yarn
Angora Rabbit Fiber Coming Soon!
Mohair, Second Shearing is Ready for Purchase
New Projects, 4 Ply Crocheted Rug

Cable Knit from the Farm
New Knitting Video
Kathy's Knitting
Learning to Knit 1 (Intro)
Learning to Knit 2 (Video) How to Cast on Stiches
Learning to Knit 3 (Video) Purling 
Knitted Fox Cowl and Hood

Crochet USA Afghan 

Crochet Circles Within Afghan 

Sunflower Trivet 

Winding Road Crochet Afghan

Faux Large Loom, Hand Woven Scarf Part 1
Faux Large Loom, Hand Woven Scarf Part 2
Faux Large Loom, Hand Woven Scarf Part 3

Sock Knitting Machine
Sock Knitting Machine

Favorite Fiber Places
Farm Meeting, Fiber and Knitting Night 

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