Learn the Art of Spinning

Learn the Art of Spinning
One of the most satisfying parts of the creative process is following a craft from its most base form, all the way to the finished product. Learn the Olde World craft of spinning yarn by taking one of the Iron Oak Farm Spinning Classes.

Spinning your own yarn adds a deep creative element to any knitting, crocheting, weaving or fiber craft. You create the yarn! This gives you control over the colors, textures and types of material; wool, silk, tinsel, cotton, even beads, sequins and feathers!

Introductory Class: 
What you will learn: How to card raw fiber, how to draft roving, how a spinning wheel works and how to spin a 4 oz skein of yarn to take home.

1. This 2 hour class begins with a short introduction to hand carding. You will have a turn with the paddles and learn how to separate useable locks from less desirable cutting. How to comb the fiber and line the locks for spinning. You will create a useable rolag that can be spun at the wheel.

2. You will also learn how to draft fiber which is the basic action of spinning.

3. Introduction to the spinning wheel and how it works. How to adjust tension, the names of the different parts etc.

4. And finally, you will have about an hour and a half to learn the art of spinning. By the end of the class you will have a finished, 4oz skein of spun yarn to bring home! It might be a bit wonky, but most students find that the yarn can be used for a knitting or crochet project.

We will be spinning with Iron Oak Farm Mohair, a very soft wool shorn from our own herd of goats. It is a lovely fiber and makes a beautiful skein.

This is a one-on-one class so there will be no waiting around for the instructor to come over to you to answer your questions. You will have my full attention and assistance. 

2 Hour Introductory Class: $50
Carding, Drafting, the Wheel and Spinning

All materials included!

Additional classes can follow depending on how quickly you develop your skill. You may need additional practice at the wheel, or can move on to things like plying, core-spinning, coil-spinning, how to use a knitty knotty, etc.

Additional classes are at an hourly rate:
1 Hour Follow-Up Classes $20 plus the cost of roving
Natural Mohair Roving $15 per 4oz 
Dyed Mohair Roving $18 per 4 oz
Students get 10% off any roving or yarn purchase.

We are located in Fenton, Michigan

Please e-mail me at jenniferannmurphy@yahoo.com for any questions or to schedule a class. I am very flexible and can work with you days or evenings.  

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