About Us

My husband Zach and I have a passionate goal to enjoy a simple life by creating art, enjoying nature, raising animals and to continue a deep appreciation for homesteading.

I (Jennifer) am care taker of all animals on our farm including milking, shearing, hoof trimming, vaccine administer, milker, assisting in animal births, dehorning, ailment fixer, chin scratcher, hug giver, egg collector, chick and turkey hatcher, feeder, waterer. I can drive a tractor, run a sickle bar blade, a rake, baler, plow, disk and seeder. I'm a mad weeder, planter and gardener, honey harvester, maple tree tapper, hay bale stacker, stall cleaner and fence fixer. I can also cook a mean farm to table meal when the day is done. I document, write and photograph our days on the farm here on our blog.

I graduated from Oakland University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Studio Art. Both my written work, illustrations and photography have been published in many books and magazines both in print and online including Grit, Capper's Farmer, Hobby Farms and Community Chickens. For more details visit our Publications Page.

My husband Zach is an amazing artist/blacksmith. He sells his metal work, particularly in the form of bottle openers made from recycled rail road spikes. His work is available at our Etsy Store, or companies like Vat19, CXXVI Clothing Company in New York, and Revampt Goods. His work has also been featured on KWGN Television, The Today Show in Colorado.
He has his degree from ITT Technical Institute in Computer Networking and by day, is a Programmer and Laser Operator.

Our interests include: farming, writing, photography, art, illustration, gardening, cooking, blacksmithing, spinning yarn, making soap, bee keeping, chickens, dairy goats, fiber goats, nature, basket weaving, fishing, cheese making, fiddle playing, kayaking and fishing.

The mohair we sell is from our herd of 7 Angora Goats; Knit, Purl, Beatrix, Ichabod, Josiah, Sulley and Harriette.
Our raw fleece, roving, and hand spun, hand dyed yarn is also available at our Etsy Store

We raise Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Coronation Sussex and Lavender Orphingtons, French Black Copper Marans and Easter Eggers.

We also have a herd of Nubian and Alpine dairy goats which we milk for cheese and soap making.  

In 2012 we added bees, heritage turkeys, ducks, a large garden, corn field and pumpkin patch. We also began haying our own field.

We are eager to expand on our growing farm. Each spring seems to bring an addition to our home. Please enjoy our collection of work.

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