Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jack Be Little

These little pumpkins are adorable. Often sold as decorative gourds, they are also edible and make great Fall inspired serving dishes. Our vines yielded TONS of these little beauties. I have them on every windowsill in the house. The Jack Be Little is a flatter, more deeply ridged pumpkin, not to be confused with the Wee Be Little, a small variety that more closely resembles the shape of a pie pumpkin.

To learn more about different pumpkin varieties, visit the Iron Oak Farm Pumpkin Page. 


Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer:

Thanks for your handy article on "48 Hour Chicken Broth" you posted on the Community Chickens web site. I successfully rendered broth from a roasted chicken carcass and will use the broth for my Thanksgiving stuffing. I am so excited because i will no longer have to use the watered down version of chicken broth available in our local grocery store! Just one question though; do you have any idea how long chicken broth can be frozen?

Also, I would love to purchase some of your Red Laced Wyandotte eggs and Black Copper Maran eggs. Could you let me know when you might have some available? We have a flock of six hens and two roosters, but are looking to add to our flock. Your birds are just lovely and certainly look to be in perfect health!

Many thanks and Happy upcoming Holidays to you and yours at Iron Oak Farm!

Laura Reynolds
Forest, Virginia

Jennifer Sartell said...

Hi Laura!
I'm so glad that you tried the broth! It really is different isn't it? My mom always said not to keep meat products frozen for more than 6 months. I know some people say a year, but that's sort of my personal cut off.

Regarding the chickens, we start taking orders in February for hatching eggs. Then start shipping around March...when the weather breaks and they start laying again.

Thanks so much for the holiday greetings! All the best to you as well!!! And hope to hear from you in the spring!

Anonymous said...

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