Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Galeux D'Eysines Pumpkin

Last October, I shared a dozen or more pumpkin varieties with our readers. Some we grew ourselves, some we picked up at little markets here and there but all of them were fascinating to me. This year our pumpkin patch did TERRIBLE! I planted 1200 pumpkin seeds and we only got a handful of fruits. I think I know what I did wrong though, which can be used to make improvements for next year. We plowed the pumpkin patch really early in the spring and the weeds took hold of the field before I could get all the pumpkin seeds in the ground. Compile that with cold rainy weather and it was a recipe for disaster. Next year's project is natural weed control both in the fields and in the organic garden.

But on to this post's specific variety! I wish I could say that we grew this beautiful specimen...I did plant this variety, but as I said above, nothing grew. I found this Galeux D'Eysines at a farm near our home.

The Galeux D'Eysines is a French variety sometimes called the Peanut Pumpkin as the tan, textured warts resemble the shell of a peanut. But don't let the strange outer skin put you off, the inner flesh is delicious for roasting and eating.

To learn more about different pumpkin varieties, visit the Iron Oak Farm Pumpkin Page. 

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