Friday, October 12, 2012

Connecticut Field Pumpkin

So I thought we would end this first week of pumpkin varieties on a traditional note. (But I'll be back next week with more!) This is one of our Connecticut Field Pumpkins. It has a beautiful bright orange skin, and grows in the traditional Jack-O-Lantern shape and size. Connecticut Field Pumpkins make great carving pumpkins and are also good for pies.

A note on squash preservation: If you want your pumpkin to keep longer off the vine, keep the stem in tact. Don't cut the stem from the vine but rather, cut the two sides of the vine on either side of the stem. (I picked up this bit of information from Amy Goldman from the Seed Savers Exchange.)

To learn more about different pumpkin varieties, visit the Iron Oak Farm Pumpkin Page. 

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