Monday, August 7, 2017

My Book Epic Eggs is Available for Pre-Order!

I'm so excited to share that my book Epic Eggs is available on Amazon for per-order! It feels like a dream to finally be a published book author! This book is not a cook book, and not a "how to raise chickens" book (though, there is a chapter on that). Instead it focuses on eggs.

  • Breeding for Egg color and quality eggs
  • Increasing egg production in your backyard flock
  • Sizing and grading your egg harvest
  • Understanding the anatomy of an egg and the egg producing anatomy of a chicken.
  • How to use this knowledge to raise a healthier flock and healthier eggs. 
  • Raising other poultry for eggs

This book is great for beginners who are looking to start out with a great laying flock, but it also delves into the nitty-gritty of breeding which makes it appealing to seasoned chicken keepers looking to specialize in certain egg laying breeds.

Click here to order now. Publication is scheduled for November 1st! Just in time for the Holidays!   


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