Monday, October 23, 2017

Turk's Turban

There are many varieties in the Turban group of squashes, shown above is Turk's Turban. 

The Turban Squash may be once of the most interesting varieties of squash that is available. The squash is usually multicolored with blotches of orange, gold, cream/white and green. Not only is it a colorful variety, but the squash is horizontally bisected into two distinct sections with an almost artificial dividing line. The bottom is a flat, more traditional pumpkin shape and the top is tri-sected into three lobes, similar to that of the Triamble Pumpkin variety. It looks almost as if this was two different fruits squished together as one.

The Turban Squash has a mild-sweet flavor when roasted and can be used to add nutritional bulk to more flavorful dishes and sauces.

To learn more about different pumpkin, gourd and squash varieties, visit the Iron Oak Farm Pumpkin Page.  

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