Monday, October 23, 2017

Michigan's Largest Pumpkin

Those of you who know me well, know that I'm REALLY into pumpkins. Which is why I was absolutely thrilled to learn that Michigan's State record holder of the largest pumpkin was going to be on display at our local orchard not 3 miles from our home!

Visit Spicer's Orchard

One of my favorite movies to watch around this time of year (if you can look past the low rent, made-for-TV acting and plot) is Growing the Big One. It stars Shannon Doherty and Kavan Smith (When Calls the Heart) and is a fish out of water story about a city girl who enters a pumpkin growing contest. I like this movie because I LOVE anything that hints at small town, good natured competition. I love chili cook-offs, or pie baking contests. I love vegetable growing contests, or pumpkin carving contests. There's just that Norman Rockwell quality about bringing home the Blue Ribbon!

We visited the Michigan State Fair earlier this year and were impressed with this Blue Ribbon winner at 502 lbs.

But they don't compare with Mark Clementz' 2043.5 pound giant!

We spoke with Mark at the Orchard and he has a passion for getting children involved in gardening. His grandson Jackson has a large involvement in the pumpkin tradition.

Visit Mark's Page

I was inspired by Mark and purchased some of his giant pumpkin seeds. The variety is formulated by Mark and named after his Grandson.

Jackson 1513 Seeds

I think Evelyn and I are going to try our hand at "growing a big one" next spring.

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