Saturday, May 28, 2016

Insect Eggs on Okra?

We started some okra plants this spring. They germinated under the grow light system we have in the backroom. After the plants were about 3 weeks old, I noticed tiny clear balls collecting on the stems and leaf veins of the okra.

They were jelly-like in texture so I assumed some sort of insect had made its way into the house and laied eggs on the okra plants. It was only the okra that was effected. None of the nearby artichokes or pumpkin starts had any eggs.

Never-the=less, I separated the plants and moved them to the covered porch so if something did hatch it wouldn't be loose in our house or effect other seedlings. 

I assumed it had to be an okra-specific insect, the same way vine borers target pumpkin plants or asparagus beetle only congregate on asparagus plants.

After a Google search I was having a hard time identifying any insect that specifically targeted okra. Then someone in a gardening forum mentioned that she had something similar going on with her okra plants and that it turned out to be dried sap balls that the plant naturally excretes.

I changed my search to "okra sap" and found many examples and photographs of the same thing I was experiencing.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Springtime at Iron Oak Farm

Everything is starting to blossom in the warmer weather.
Purple Phlox

Dandelion gone to seed

The whole yard smells of sweet honeysuckle. This is the pink variety.

And here is the white variety of Honey Suckle.


The turkeys, chickens, geese, guineas and ducks enjoying the new run. We still have the other half to build.

We had a successful hatch of Buff Orpington chicks. 5 out of 7 eggs.

I can't believe how big these guys have grown! Khaki Campbell ducks

Little Man-Abrahm is also getting big. He's enjoying cuddles on the porch after his bottle while Oliver licks his face clean of milk.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Meet Abrahm

Introducing the newest member of the Iron Oak Family... Meet Abrahm, our new Nubian herd sire. He is one of the most beautiful goats I've ever seen. His markings are gorgeous and I'm so excited to breed him with our girls. We narrowed our herd last year and sold many of our goats so that we can concentrate on just Nubians and Angoras. I'm really happy with the four dairy does that we have now.

I'd like a buck that we can keep as our all time guy, but our girls keep giving us such beautiful kids that we end up keeping them. Then our resident buck is related to everyone.

I like the idea of keeping our own buck because I'm not a fan of introducing new goats to our herd each spring, as you would when you "rent" a buck to come inseminate your girls. Especially a buck that travels to many farms providing stud service. I worry about introducing new diseases with this practice.

As for his name, he came to us named "Chicken" because he has a chicken shaped white spot on his side, which I thought was cute. But I thought this name might get confusing when I write about our goats so we changed it to Abrahm. We already had a kid named Abrahm, but we sold him when he was tiny. We still liked the name so we went with it again.

Right now we are bottle feeding him. It took him a couple tries to get the hang of things but now he is searching out the bottle and finding the nipple with very little help.

We brought him home on Sunday and the temperatures were freezing. He doesn't have a mamma to keep him warm, so he's spent the last couple days in the house, in a crate. I think today he will make his transition to the barn.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nubian Goat Kids 2015 Abigail's Penelope

Our doe Abigail gave us one of the most beautiful goat kids we're ever had last year. This is a video of Penelope.

Penelope is getting to be a big girl herself, and we have plans to breed her this fall.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Nubian Goat Kids 2015 Gretta's Anna, Abrahm and Hamish Video

If you've been following the blog for a while you may have noticed that I've been posting a video every Tuesday. Many of these videos are from past years because our old computer wouldn't let me edit videos from my Nikon camera. The files were too large. But now that we have the new computer, I am able to edit those videos and share them here. This video is from last spring introducing Gretta's Anna, Abrahm and Hamish. These three went to a wonderful family close by and I'm so glad that I have these videos to look back and remember all the kids we've had over the years.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Flavored Honey Goat Butter KBB Post

Learn this simple recipe that serves as a base for lots of delicious flavor combinations!

Flavored Honey Goat Butter KBB Post