Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Angora Rabbit Fiber Coming Soon!

Meet Wallace and Grommit. Yes like the Brittish claymation cartoon, named after the movie "Curse of the Ware Rabbit" which we highly recomend, wity English humor, cute to watch around Halloween.
Anyway, Wallace and Grommit are our new additions to the farm. They reside in their cages in the barn with the goats, (we want to put up a sign "Fiber Barn") Wallace is a chestnut and Grommit is a black.
They are part Giant Angora, part Thrianta, but they inherited the Angora coat so we are excited to shear them.
We brush them every other day or so to keep away matts and keep their coat smooth.
Here is what they looked like when we got them. They're fur was starting to grow out and they look like giant cotton balls. We trimmed them up on April 3rd and their fur is about an inch now. On nice days we let them out to run, like the goats, they can't get wet. The fenching in the goat area is also rabbit proof.
They both do this strange thing with their chins. They rub them on branches, rocks, trees etc. I assume it's some sort of territorial scent marking, but why their chin?

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