Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Meet Darby O'Gill, our Holland Lop Earred Rabbit. Granted, "O'Gill" isn't really Dutch in origin, but we liked it just the same.

Darby breaks my own rule of only buying animals that are useful in some way. Besides the dog, Ceddie, who really isn't an animal, he's a person trapped in a Golden Retriever's body.

Darby is our indoor, pet rabbit, whose only usefullness is looking adorable, eating bits of apple, cleaning a papaya pit of every remaining bit of fruit, taking naps in the sun and cuddling on our laps while he trys to turn the folds of my nightgown into a rabbit hole. Yes, it's true, most farms could not function without one just like him.

Darby followed me home one day, near Easter, from Tractor Supply Company, but this was no spur-of-the-moment compulsive rabbit purchase, no, no. You see Darby and I had a history.

Once upon a time Zach decided to build a tumbler to clean the scale off his blacksmith pieces. (he'll blog about it someday) This project required about 3 trips to TSC per day, for a week or more. I would volunteer to go because TSC is one of my favorite places to go. (Seriously, somtimes when I've had a bad day Zach will take me there to cheer me up.)

Anyway, it was rabbit season, not in the hunting, shooting and skinning kind of way, but in the Tractor Supply gets rabbits in for sale and I get to go there and stare at them, kind of way.

The first trip to TSC, Darby started out as any other baby rabbit in the bin. He was white with tannish, grey spots and his ears stood on end like all the other rabbits.

The next day, one ear was up and one was down. He looked as though he was questioning everything. Like a person might, with one raised eyebrow.

By the next day both ears were down, and I was in love. (You see, I have a weakness for animals with ears that hang down. The goats, the dog, and now this rabbit.) I needed him, and he OBVIOUSLY needed me.

Then the clincher, the lady at TSC suggested that I hold him. WELLLL, that just seemed like about the best idea I had heard all day. Darby and I toured all of TSC. By the time we got to the boot department, he was named.

The next day we brought my Mom up to TSC so she could fall in love too. (My Mom has a weakness for bunnies) and home he came.

Truth is, Darby is a wonderful addition to our home. He is extremely easy to take care of and his little personality is adorable. Not to mention those ears!!

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