Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thrift Store Finds, Milk Glass Pots

Every winter I get cabin fever and purchase a few houseplants to "Spring" things up a bit. This year I had all the plants balancing on a small nightstand next to our bed, as it is the sunniest spot in the house. After a couple of night time accidents of half asleep adventures to the bathroom, kitchen etc. and knocking plants over in the process, Zach decided to build me a shelf against the sunny window. We had some scrap wood in the garage so he beveled the edge and cut out two wooden brackets. I painted it white. The shelf looked adorable, but now the plants looked somewhat pathetic in their ugly green plastic pots with bits of dirt and dead vegetation stuck to the sides. I thought about buying matching white pots to line the window sill, but after some shopping around I realized that for my little project it would be more than I wanted to spend. I decided to hit the thrift store. We have a brand new Salvation Army just up the street with all sorts of goodies. I found these beautiful candy dishes that look like milk glass for $1.50 each and one was half off! It was a good day at the thrift store.

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