Monday, July 26, 2010

The 4 H Fair Continued, The Miracle of Birth Barn

One of the most amazing displays they have at the 4 H Fair is the Miracle of Birth Barn. All of the mothers in this barn are either due to have their offspring during the week of the fair, or have given birth just before. If you're lucky, you can witness a live birth.

They also have chicks and ducks hatching in incubators, suckling pigs and new born baby lambs and goats.

We just missed this goat giving birth to her second kid. She was cleaning it as we arrived.

These little pigs were so new that their umbilical cords were still attached. They had a film playing of the birth, I think they came right before the fair started.

The poor mothers are like feeding machines. Everyone fighting for a bite!

When we went on Tuesday all of the cows were still expecting, in fact my friend Liz pointed out that you could see the baby kicking in the womb. Every once in a while you would see a bump move around on the cows side. When we went back on Saturday this little one was there.

This is the funniest contraption I've ever seen. The ducklings swim around and up the ramp, then they eat a mouthful of food, slide down the slide eat their food with their beaks in the water, then it all starts over. It reminds me of those magnetic penguin toys that are seen in the porcelain Christmas villages.

The visitors to the 4 H Fair are extremely blessed to be able to witness these miracles. I'm thankful to the owners of these animals as they are taking a great risk in bringing these mothers to the fair so close to their due date and letting the public see this rare occurrence. The hustle and bustle of the fair places added stress on these new mothers and babies. I overheard one man explaining that it's hard on his pigs when he brings them to the fair to birth, and he actually looses more offspring at a fair birth.

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