Thursday, July 8, 2010

Orchard Images Continued, Amber Waves of Grain

On the way to Blakes there are acres and acres of golden wheat fields this year. Zach pulled the car over (almost in a ditch) and I snapped a few images.

Wheat, in particular, holds a special place in my heart. Zach and I were married in October and wheat was the theme of our wedding. Our bridesmaids held bouquets of wheat, the boutiniers were wheat, there was a wheat centerpiece on each table. I found an interesting variety of wheat called Blackbeard where the feathery wisps that extend off of each kernal are a deep brownish black. My Maid of Honor, Katie, held a swag of this to differentiate her from the rest of the girls. (The photo of the bouquets were taken by our awesome wedding photographer Liz Waters, visit her site at )

Wheat holds many values in symbolic tradition for this country. It represents harvest and bounty. It is a sign of love and prosperity. And it feeds us.

All of the grains are beautiful, I think this is Oats or Barley shown here? And they smells wonderful too. When we buy grains for the goats the aroma fills the car and it smells better than any air freshner you can buy. It has a dense hearty scent with accents of honey and sweetness. As I was taking these photos the familiar smell encased me as the warm sunshine released the subtle aroma and it was like coming home.

The fields of wheat move like an entity onto themselves. Like a flock of birds they move as one mass. Golden and glistening like a thousand locks of braded hair.

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