Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Projects, 4 Ply Crocheted Rug

I thought I might share some projects I've been working on. I crocheted this rug for my Mother in law for her birthday. I used a homespun wool blend yarn in rich browns, tans and periwinkle. I used four strands at a time and a huge crochet hook. I loved this project because it went so fast. I started with a 17 stitch chain then crocheted an oval around and around. Occasionally I'd have to add a row of extra stitches because it would want to curl. It would be a great project for odds and ends yarn.


Camille said...

Too cute! How big is it finished?

Zach and Jennifer Sartell said...

It was a little over 3 feet, by a little over 2 feet. Thanks!

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