Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Features!

Iron Oaks Farm is trying on some new features. We now have over a hundred posts, so I thought I would design some new features that help organize some of the content that's available. We now have a category section and a search button where you can search your favorite topics by key word or by category, rather than searching through random posts by date. I am still in the process of dividing all of the categories, but have a good chunk done, so hopefully this will be helpful.
We also have a new fun section that hopefully YOU will participate in. We have a weekly poll. There will be a multiple choice question where you get to vote. Every week I'll post the results, hopefully it will stem some good discussion and comments. If you have any ideas for a weekly poll topic, just let me know, I'll post it and we can see how everyone votes.
Iron Oaks Farm is also on Hobby Farm's website! Have you noticed their add at the top of the page? We have a small website under the "My Farm" section. It generates great comments and conversations, I've already met quite a few farmers who raise all sorts of crops and animals from all over the world, even Africa! Hope you enjoy the new features!
~Love Life and Live Simple~

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