Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wild Wednesday, The Wild Turkey (Of Course!)

"Run turkey! Run!"

The other day a flock of Wild Turkeys came through our yard. This brave little girl decided to fly up and over the goat fence and help herself to some chicken scratch. The goats and the chickens went running for cover as this giant bird came flapping and landed in their pen.
The problem was that once she was in, she didn't understand that she also had to FLY back over to get out. She frantically searched the entire fence line for a hole to escape. The rest of the flock was moving into the woods without her and she was panicking. I went down and opened the gate for her. Out the gate she went, then flew to catch up with the rest. Obviously she doesn't know what time of year it is.

Benjamin Franklin wanted to deem the Wild Turkey the national bird, instead of the Bald Eagle. He discusses his wishes in a letter to his daughter. Click here to read the letter.

Click here, to hear the different calls.

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