Monday, December 20, 2010

Farm Meetin' Candy Making

Sunday the 17th, was the December Farm Meet'n. I've been so busy with baking, decorating, wrapping, and helping Zach blacksmith, I thought this post would never go out. But better late than never. That Sunday we got almost a foot of snow. But that didn't stop us. Everyone trudged out into the weather and it made for a great time, in fact, the party went well into the evening, and we decided to make extra candy. Each person brought a candy recipe and the ingredients to make it, then we made our candy and traded at the end. Everyone went home with a sample of the day's efforts.

Here's Ang making her delicious peanut brittle. She's quite the farm girl indeed ~ shelling all the peanuts herself. Good job Ang! (and Mike too)

We also had caramels, candy canes, chocolate covered homemade marshmallows, fudge, Amish cinnamon bread, and 4 different kinds of bark; chocolate peppermint, chocolate with mixed nuts, and orange bark with dark and white chocolate.

We also tried sour gummy candies, but they didn't set. (I have a new recipe for anyone who's interested and it works great. I made raspberry and grapefruit the other night. I'll try to post it.)

The temptation of candy making was even too great for the guys, and they had to get their fingers on some. Here's Zach and Nate trying to save a batch of candy canes that re-crystallized. For some reason it turned green!     

After the candy was made, we all sat around the fire with warm tea and coffee, pleasantly relaxing in our sugar comas.      


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I love getting those sugar comas!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Sartell said...

Yes, thank goodness it didn't set in until after the candy was made! Ha!

Camille said...

Ooh. I'm sorry I missed this! I want a sugar coma!!!

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