Friday, December 3, 2010

Fiery Friday, Mmmm Fresh Baked Bottle Openers

Nothing is more warm and inviting than the smell of fresh baked bottle openers, and a steaming bowl of beeswax soup. Now before you think I've lost my marbles, and rush to click the un-subscribe button, I promise I'm only kidding. I'm all about trying new foods, but here is where I draw the line! Zach has had more Christmas orders than we can count and I've been helping him wax and buff them. We bake them in the oven for over an hour, this helps evaporate any moisture in the metal. Then we brush on a coating of melted beeswax with a natural bristle brush to seal out the moisture to prevent rust. Then we buff the wax into the metal and wipe off any extra.
Now that's a lot of bottle openers!
If any of you are looking for something new for dinner, I can share the recipe??


Camille said...

How cool! I never knew that they needed to be baked. I would love to watch Zach do this sometime. I would also love to buy Jim one of these for Christmas!

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