Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ginger Ice Cream

This delicious ice cream is is inspired by the recipe found in The Ultimate Ice Cream Book, by Bruce Weinstein. This is the second recipe we've tried from this awesome book and both were fabulous! We did the Extra Rich and Creamy Vanilla the first time, and it was out of this world! Seriously, the best vanilla ice cream I've ever had. My favorite is to eat it before it goes into the freezer, when it's in the "soft serve" stage. If you own an ice cream maker, buy this book! If you don't own an ice cream maker, go get one, and then get this book. 
To make Ginger Ice Cream we used:
First we peeled and sliced the ginger into medium chunks.

 Then we simmered it in the milk for a couple of minutes and set aside to let the ginger infuse the milk. Let it set until it's cooled down a bit.

While the milk was steeping, we mixed the eggs...

...with the sugar, until smooth. Can you tell which is the Black Copper Maran egg?

Then we strained the ginger from the steeped milk and added the milk to the egg mixture. We let the milk cool slightly so we didn't have to worry about the eggs scrambling as much.

Then we added the cream and vanilla.

We put ours in the freezer to cool, and kept checking to make sure it wasn't freezing.

Here comes the fun part! We poured the custard into the mixer and let 'r go! I love to watch it spin.

While it was turning, I chopped the crystallized ginger into tiny pieces.


And in that goes as well. Look at the ruffles, aren't they pretty?

Then we waited...

And then we couldn't wait anymore so we decided it was done!

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