Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Projects, Spinning Colored Fleece

I'm excited to share with you a project I've been working on. Spinning this collection of colored fleece. I'm experimenting with different dying techniques, blending and spinning. I used our mohair that was too choppy to be sold, just to experiment with, but now that the yarn is turning out, I kind of wish I would have used good quality fleece, because I really like the colors. I dyed the raw fleece some time ago, and it's been sitting around in a basket waiting for me to make up my mind. Finally, I just decided to go for it.
Some of the fleece is dyed with Jacquard dyes, and some of it is with Kool Aid, (see dying posts). My goal was to create a mix of autumn themed colors and the finished project is just that, like an autumn sunset. There's a blend of raspberry, chocolate brown, sunshine, brick red, and burnt orange.
I started by layering the carders with each color. No real order, (I'm trying to work on trying to be more elastic with my work. Trying to let go, and not try to perfect and control everything in the whole universe. We will see?)

And combed it smooth, well, smoother. This wool is the reject wool that I didn't sell so it had bits of second cuts etc.
Rolled it into rollags.
And spun.

I'm going to ply it tonight and see how it looks. I'll keep you updated.


Camille said...

It is so strange that you posted this today! Eva and I were just talking about this last night. She is just amazed at how yarn is made and that you can actually color it yourself! I LOVE the autumn colors!!!

Anonymous said...

Love how this is coming out!! Its beautiful and weren't we just saying I love scarves. You are going to have a great scarf come Fall.
-Shannon C.

Mom Sartell said...

Just beautiful,,, When you get to the point where you are selling yarn, please come to me first, I promise I will be one of your best customers.

Jennifer said...

Hey! I think we have the same spinning wheel! :p is that a walnut Kromski Sonata?

Jennifer Sartell said...

It IS! We got it in Lancaster Pennsylvania on our honeymoon!!!

Jennifer said...

isn't it great? my boyfriend got me my sonata for my birthday a few years ago, I love it! :)

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