Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wild Wednesday, The Coyote


.....and this.....

.....and this....., is why we built.....

.....This, for the goats!

I like coyotes! I think they sorta get a bad rap. We've had coyotes attack our free range chickens, and though it was sad, they're just doing what they do. Plus, I eat chicken too, so I can't get too mad at the coyote.
They are beautiful animals, though we hear them more than we see them. We can hear them howl and yelp at night, and it makes the hair stand up on my arms. For some reason, if there is a siren from an ambulance or fire truck, or especially the tornado warning anywhere nearby, that sends them off in a frenzy of yelping and barking. They have a majestic quality, like a wolf and it's always exciting when we see one prance through the yard. They're extremely skid-dish, which is why I can never get a great photo. I'll crack the window of our family room, just so I don't have to take the picture through the glass, and at the slightest noise, they're gone. Rarely, we will see a mother and her pups. They look like German Sheppard puppies, makes me want to squeeze them!   


Camille said...

These are beautiful photos! One of my favorite things is listening to the coyote pups yipping :)

Nikki said...

I like having Coyotes as neighbors too. A couple of years ago someone was poisoning them and we went a whole year without hearing them. The rabbit population exploded and completely overran my garden. I'm ok with growing enough to have some for sharing, but it seemed like only the rabbits ate that year.

This year, the cubs are doing their yodeling again, and I am grateful for that. Judging by the scat I find, our coyotes live mainly on berries and beetles and mice, with the occasional rabbit or discarded leather glove. I welcome their presence, and the balance they bring.

Jennifer Sartell said...

Nikki, I'm so glad to hear your comment. I completely agree with you. It's amazing how nature will keep itself in check if we let it do what it's supposed to do. If you don't mind sharing, what state do you live in? Thanks so much.

Thanks Camille!

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