Friday, February 25, 2011

Farm Photo Sharing

I'd like to open something up to all of you. Actually, you were all always welcome to do this, but maybe this post will serve as a little added encouragement. In interacting through comments, contests and the beloved e-mails you all send me, I gather that quite a few of you have beautiful gardens, animals, and homesteads. I would LOVE to see them, and (in speaking for everyone else) I'm sure other readers would as well.

So PLEASE, send me some photos of your cows, your chickens, your beautiful seedlings starting to emerge from pots in the living room, projects you've been working on or anything else that strikes your fancy and I will post some of them on Iron Oak Farm. Once a week? Once a month? Guess it depends on how many I receive. Maybe we could even have a photo contest in the future! I think this could be fun!

Include your name and where your from and send your fantastic photos to...
If you have a website I'll link you up, if you link me back.

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