Tuesday, March 15, 2011

7 out of 7

We had a very successful hatch!! 7 out of 7 eggs came into this world yesterday. The last one needed some assistance. The other chicks in the incubator had jostled her around so much that her legs were through but the rest of her was stuck inside the shell. Because her legs were out, there was nothing for her to press against to force the shell open. For some reason, the chicks were obsessed with laying on her egg so she not only had to break through her own egg shell, but move the weight of the chicks on top of her. Zach reached and cracked her shell a little for her and she popped out within seconds.

Due to popular request, I have the webcam up and running again on the chicks. I apologize for not having blogs with pictures lately, but as long as the web cam is running, I can't download the camera. 


Grandma said...

My grandchicks are beautiful. You guys did a great job helping them come into the world. Maybe later we could see a picture of the proud parents
( rooster and hen I mean ), to see what they might look like when they grow up. How long before they can join the rest of the chickens?

Michelle L said...

Are they "red" chickens?

Jennifer Sartell said...

They can go out after the weather warms up a bit and they feather over, so at least a month. I will try to get some more pictures up of the parents, or they are in the post "First Mated Pair" in the blog.

Ha! Well, they are sort of "red" chickens. They are Blue Laced RED Wyandottes, so you were 1/4 right. (Wink!)

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