Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Farm Girl Meeting, Cross Hatch Basket

photo by Angela
We had a another great Farm Girl Meeting last Sunday. Personally, I had a blast. It was so fun watching all the different baskets take shape.
left to right: Stacey, Eileen, Marla, Kathy
photo by Angela
Jennifer (Me) and Shannon
Even with this basic design there was so much creativity and variety. We made a simple square bottom cross hatch basket with your choice of colors and handles.

photo by Angela

The ladies learned the beginning techniques of basket weaving, like how to soak reed, the maneuvering of clothespins, upsetting the sides, manipulating the shape and incorporating colors, handles and rims.

This meeting was such a success that some people shared an interest in making other types and shapes of baskets. I'm thinking of putting together another meeting where we would make a round bottom basket.

photo by Angela
If any of you are in the local area and are interested in joining our group, I'm putting together a list of people. As we found on Sunday, eight is really the limit that our room can hold. If there's more than that who want to sign up, I'd be glad to hold two meetings. Let me know.

photo by Angela
I'd like to give a shout out to The Basket Sampler, located at 1449 S Milford Road, Suite C Highland, MI 48357, where most of the basket supplies were purchased. They have a great selection of reed, handles, colored reed, sea grass, classes and anything else you would need for basket weaving. Call for hours 248-889-8600 or e-mail Kathy the owner at
this is Angela

I'd also like to thank my friend Angela Madden who takes most of the Farm Girl photos as I am usually too busy running around. Angela is a talented photographer who specializes in weddings, senior portraits, sporting events, family settings and even band album covers. Visit her site by clicking here   

As a side note, I am two Farm Girl Meeting posts behind. We had great meetings in January and February too that I'd like to share with everyone. I promise to get those posted soon.


Meagan said...

Hi Jennifer,
I'm in Clarkston, and would be really interested in your Farm Girl Meetings! How can I find out more?

Jennifer Sartell said...

Hi Meagan,
Send me your e-mail and I will add you to the send out each month. Mine is

Camille said...

I wish I was there! The baskets look great!

The Stockdales said...

I wanna learn how to do this! I'd like to find out more about your Farm Girl meetings, too. I'll send you a message & hope to be added!

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