Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring in Full Force

My oh my, have I been busy this week. Because spring has been so late, now that the weather has broke I've been going non-stop! The goats are sheared, and one rabbit down. Tomorrow, hopefully I can get Grommit sheared and then start cleaning the barn of the winter pile up. Yay?

I'm so proud! I sheared the goats almost all by myself, and got through the shearing nick free!!! No triple anti-biotic for anyone!! Usually someone gets it, including me. I don't know if I'm getting more comfortable, or if the girls are getting used to being sheared, I think the biggest factor is that they're growing into all that wrinkled skin. Angora goats have loose wrinkled skin and it just loves to wedge itself between the shearing blades. When you shear, you can't pull the shorn wool back or you'll stretch the skin up and go into their flesh. Instead you have to pull the skin taught and run the clippers flat. The hard part is that the wool wants to come off all in one piece, like a pelt, so you need one hand to shear, one hand to smooth the skin, and another hand to move the mohair out of the way. Maybe the reason shearing was so easy was because I grew that third hand this year. No wait, that's not it.    


Shannon said...

Now I distinctly remember you promising Knit and Pearl kisses once they were sheared...did you deliver? lol Yea to more fine fiber for processing and for the weather to finally break!
-Shannon C

Camille said...

Too cute!

Zach said...

Shannon, I have been giving them lots of hugs and kisses since we sheared them.

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