Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ceddie the Bird Dog

Ceddie has no idea he's a bird dog. In fact, he has no idea he's a dog. He'd much rather eat chicken poo than real chicken. He considers it a delicacy.

Ceddie pays no real attention to the chickens, unless we pay attention to the chickens, then he's jealous. Especially when we talk in the "chicken voice" which is very similar to the "Ceddie voice", a little too similar for Ceddie's taste. That sort of talk should be exclusive to him and cuddle time. Period!
If the "chicken voice" is used while Ceddie's around he proceeds to whine and lick and dance and nudge his sloppy wet nose against us until we pay more attention to him than the chickens. Until we assure him that we love him more than the chickens. Which we do, but we can't let that sort of thing get out, or there'd be no living with him.
Ceddie also helps look for eggs. He comes down with me every morning and pokes his head in each box along the bottom row. He's learned his lesson not to stick his head in a box with a chicken in it. More than once, he's received a sharp peck on the nose.
Here he is ignoring the Speckled Sussex, she might be our favorite chicken. He likes to pretend she doesn't exist.
She likes to pick bits of this and that out of his tail.

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