Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wild Wednesday, Eastern Milk Snake

We found this beauty curled up in the flower bed at the new house. I was a little nervous because of the diamond pattern on its back, thinking it might be a Massasauga Rattle snake, which are poisonous. But there was no rattle. We read that each year a rattle snake adds a segment to it's tail, so as it gets older the rattle gets larger. I still wasn't thrilled with the idea of Zach handling it, but we're fairly sure its an Eastern Milk Snake, as it was quite a long snake, the tail was in tact and no evidence of a rattle. If any of you know anything about snakes, I'd love to hear your input. 


doglady said...

It sure looks like an Eastern Milk Snake. This guy will clean up your rodent population. You are lucky to have one in residence.

James Cummings said...

Saw one in the back yard that had gotten into a nest of baby mice. These are the mice that get into my cellar every fall. I was rooting for the snake. Here's a photo of it on my facebook page

Anonymous said...

Ran one over with the lawn mower today

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