Thursday, July 21, 2011

Music to Melt Stress

I've been playing the guitar. We've been so stressed lately with the move and what's going where and when and how. I've always used music as a means to escape, to unwind, and plus I heard this really pretty song by Priscilla Ahn, Dream and wanted to learn it.

I dabble at the guitar, and the violin. I can play a handful of songs well, and even more songs, not so well...But I love it, and it takes my mind somewhere else for a while.

My fingers are getting tougher, so I don't whine as much, or chew on them, or sporadically tell Zach to inspect them and ask him if they feel tougher. And I noticed the stretch of the guitar chords is making the stretching on the violin that much easier. My Grandpa Lompra' grew up in the Upper Peninsula and he played fiddle. Would have loved to have learned from him.

Zach plays too,

see what I mean about the hat? Scary isn't it?

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