Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Goats

The girls got a taste of their new pasture last night.
We think they like it.
Careful, she's a Man-Eater!

Everyone was playing nice on the green cut lawn.
Then Purl got brave and followed Zach into the tall stuff.

In leaps and bounds everyone followed.

Our pretty girl Knit.
Happy Tails!

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Donna said...

They are adorable! I love the last picture of the goatie bums.

Teresa said...

They do certainly look happy! There's nothing like a nice big pasture to explore and browse.

Dicky Bird said...

Are Purl and Zach sheep or goats? I've never seen this breed before.

Jennifer Sartell said...

Ha! Zach is actually my husband, but after reading that paragraph, I can see how you got that. Knit and Purl are Angora Goats. You use the wool very similar to sheep's wool. It's called Mohair, very soft and very warm. We shear them twice a year as opposed to once a year with sheep. Thanks so much!

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