Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Additions!!!

Today we brought home two new additions! Sulley our strapping Angora buck who is 1 1/2 years old with a beautiful fleece of glistening tight curls, and Josiah, a very large, very gentle whether. I LOVE his name! We are so excited to have these two beautiful boys join our family. Our hope is that Sulley will mate with Knit and Purl for kids this spring, and Josiah will keep him company when mating season is over, as goats don't really do well by themselves. I can't believe how blessed we are. Zach and I have been searching for a stud to either come to our girls, or somewhere we could bring the girls to visit, but Angora goats are so very rare in Michigan that we've looked for 2 years with no luck. We finally found these two for sale and decided that this was the best way to go, as neither one of us was very excited about leaving our girls in the care of someone else for possibly a month, pay a service fee, and perhaps return without a pregnant doe. The boys are doing WONDERFUL! Really they are. Knit is fascinated with them and keeps rubbing her head against Sulley's shoulder like she wants to cuddle, little flirt. Sulley has proceeded to rub his scent on anything and everything that we own and keeps curling his lip. I think we're going to have no problem at all paring these two off. Purl is completely not interested in the whole thing. She acts as if we never brought anyone new home, and that these two have been here for ages. So we'll see how this goes. Ramona, the wonderful lady who sold us the guys suggested that we keep them with Knit and Purl for at least two cycles to ensure that one takes. A goat cycles every 17 days, so they'll be together for a little over a month. I can't wait to see if we get kids this spring. It's so exciting! and all that mohair! I'll keep everyone posted.   

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