Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Waiting for the Bees

I was going to wait to share this with everyone until spring, but I just can't, I swear I'm like a little kid sometimes, can't keep a secret to save my life. I got Zach a hive and supers to start his own apiary this spring. He's been building the frames and boxes in the evenings and while, there's not much to show at this point, it's still pretty exciting for us.

We have so much planned for this coming year, sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed, but it's a good feeling. It's a chance to really start what we've been dreaming of for so long, and really take advantage of the spring and summer months at our new home. I feel as though this year will be a test of Zach and my endurance. What are we really made of, so to speak. What can we produce, what will be successful, what won't? In the meantime, we're practicing patients, and humbleness. One of the hardest lessons learned in this kind of life is that nature really does have a season. And so much of it is out of our hands. You can give it your all, your soul and your heart, but the thing at hand is larger than any one person or family, and in realizing this, a deep respect for life, for food, and for things beyond our control begins to grow. Many times, I write this blog, and realize that I have so much to learn from all of you. Many times, I feel the longer we do this, the less we find ourselves knowing. When one problem is solved, another presents itself. One that I've never read of, or heard about. But don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, I find it incredibly inspiring.

So for now we wait...We wait for the bees. We wait for frost free dates, and chickens to hatch chicks. We wait for the goats to give birth, heck, we're still waiting to be sure that they're even pregnant. We wait for the mohair and angora to grow, for the sun to warm the earth and force the green pasture above the soil. Nature will know when it's time. Without clocks, or schedules it will happen right when it's supposed to. Our greatest blessing is the gift to be here to witness it.

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