Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Shearing

The goats are sheared for the summer. Three full garbage bags of mohair makes for a good harvest. They look all fresh and clean and relieved to be rid of all that heavy wool. We trimmed everyone's hooves and washed the girl's udders.

This was our first year shearing Josiah and Sulley. Josiah I did by myself, and he is a strong goat, let me tell you. I laid him on his side and the first half went really smooth. Then it was time to do the other side and he wouldn't have it. I finished him standing which seemed to be more to his liking. He is a large goat, strong willed, but slow and steady. He doesn't spook or fuss, just moves forward like a steam shovel.

Sulley our buck, is young and uppity, but was such a good boy during shearing. His locks are tight and satiny and I can't wait to see the babies that he and Knit produce.

Speaking of babies, Knit and Purl are forming their udders, and while shearing Purl, we felt a baby goat kick. It was hard and sort of pointy, so I'm thinking a hoof, maybe?

We got our birthing kit together and by the door, ready for action. Iodine, surgical gloves, lubricant, towels, and a bunch of other stuff that we probably won't use, but being paranoid first timers, we thought it would be better to be over prepared.

This weekend we plan on constructing the birthing pens. Getting things nice and clean and cozy for the expecting mamma's and their new babies.

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Special thanks to our friend Shannon for taking the photographs and for helping to trim hooves! Check out her new blog at A Housewife By Trade! 

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