Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Angora Anxiety

Spring is one of those seasons where the anticipation never leaves you disappointed. Our farm is literally exploding with new life. Baby chicks are cracking through eggshells as I write this post, our ducks are getting in their primary feathers, we're collecting up to 30 eggs a day, the early crops are starting to show the first signs of green, and our poor goats are sooo pregnant.

The kids are turning somersaults that you can see through their enormous bellies and the girls have a motherly glow that has this calming effect on me. Really they do, their eyes have softened and they are in this constant state of peaceful gaze.

I've read and read about what to expect, the signs, the behavior. I find myself sitting in the barn for what seems like hours, staring at the girls, recalling tidbits of facts that are rattling around in my head and trying to apply them to what's unveiling before me. It's all so fascinating.

When we decided to breed the girls, I was a nervous wreck! I kept thinking, if something goes wrong, I would blame myself. We were the ones that went and got Sulley our buck and introduced him to our girls, Knit and Purl never asked us to do this.

But as the pregnancies have progressed, I find myself coming to terms with this new phase in our girl's lives, and rather than being afraid, I've begun to appreciate it for what it really is...a miracle! And rather than feeling like I've betrayed them, I feel joyful and excited! I'm not nervous, I am filled with respect and pride for these amazing little creatures that have taught me so much about faith, trust and life.   

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