Friday, June 29, 2012

Vault Brewing Company

Want to own one of Iron Oak Farm's hand forged bottle openers, and help small business at the same time? Then check out Vault Brewing Company's new Kick-Starter video! It's a unique new brewery in the making, that melds a contemporary setting with a historic background. It is soon to be located in Yardley, Pennsylvania at the Yardley National Bank building, built in 1889.  Their goal is to open by the fall, but they need your help. Here's what the founders of Vault Brewing company, brothers John and James Cain, have to say.

"Kickstarter is a fundraising platform that enables us to raise the money we need to launch Vault Brewing by this fall from supporters like you.  In exchange for your donations, we've designed a collection of unique rewards with the help of craftsman from across the country... and we think they're pretty sweet."
Iron Oak Farm is proud to be among those selected craftsman! So show your support to small business by clicking, donating and sharing! Vault Brewing Company

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