Monday, December 3, 2012

A Case of the Christmas "Girlies"

First...before I get ahead of myself...I apologize to the men who follow Iron Oak Farm. This post will probably seem less than interesting to you. I'll have Zach write something Blacksmith-ish soon to balance things out.


I'm not a girly-girl by any means. But something happens to me at Christmas time and my "Santa Baby" side comes out suddenly and without warning. I've been known to wear make up even on a weekday, coordinating underwear, and this a severe flareup... bought a pink sweater to wear to holiday gatherings...PINK! Usually it goes away in January when I go into "houseplant mode", and resume my drab ensemble of grey, tan, olive green and "earth toned" clothing.

But like the "decorations" of my person...the house undergoes a similar transformation. When decorating for Christmas I really subscribe to two modes. Plain, natural and earthy like in my Gathering Greens post (and subsequent others) or I like  vintage, glittery and slightly obnoxious.

The bathroom is one outlet for this inner feminine eruption.

Our bathroom is a light warm grey with lots of white accents. Very monochromatic. I have a white eyelet shower curtain and my plan is to someday put an ornate, white vintage vanity in this room and bead board half way up the walls with wainscoting...but this is probably my Pinterest side of me talking...all in good time.

My mom bought me this miniature feather tree a few years ago. And for the longest time I simply displayed it -as is. The delicate feathers with vintage hat-pin-like pearl tips were pretty enough.

Then I found this collection of miniature bulbs with decorative silver hooks and my girly condition got really bad. The following year I found a vintage reproduction pink glittered reindeer. In my opinion...everyone needs one!

In the bathroom I have an area of wall space that I've hung a different wreath depending on the season. I have a dried lavender wreath for spring, a wheat wreath for fall and for Christmas, I made this inexpensive snowflake wreath last year.

$2 plus the cost of glue from the glue gun. I bought two packs of plastic glittered snowflakes at the Dollar Tree and laid them out in a wreath pattern, large ones on the bottom, smaller ones in-between and glued it together. Very simple. Plain, but still...glittery.     



DFW said...

Hey Jennifer,

I am w/you on not being a Girlie Girl except at Christmas. I have not decorated the past few years due to too much work at too many houses but have been craving to do some decorating at both houses this year. I don't have time to do all I want, but will be posting a grape vine wreath snowman that I heard about from Manuela over at

Hey I have it all already, so why not drag it out? Yep, I'll have to put it away sometime before April but what the heck.

Ashish Kumar said...

yeah its nice tips you provided for decorating things.

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Stacy said...

The wreath is beautiful! Thanks for the tips :) I'd love tips on making the lavender wreath -- that sounds gorgeous!

Kathy Shea Mormino said...

You are hysterical. I'm not ordinarily a feather decor fan, but that tiny tree is beautiful! Looking forward to your Pinspiration blossoming after the holidays (I love beadboard).

Have a great week!
Kathy Shea Mormino

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