Monday, December 24, 2012

Silver and Gold Tablescape

Traditionally, I wouldn't think of Amber Glass as a typical holiday color. sort of thing is the usual scheme of the Christmas table. My mom (like so many mom's) has the white china Christmas set with the holly and berry border and the gold leaf trim, (you know the one).

But you see... I have this thing for amber glass. I don't know what it is really. It reminds me of honey, like old fashioned hard candy made of caramel. Warm and glistening, golden and inviting.

My mom surprised me this year with an entire set of beautiful vintage Indiana Tiara Amber Glass. She gave me the set early so I could set the Christmas table and use it this year.

I've been collecting amber glass slowly over the years with the hope to someday have a complete set. Mom helped me fast forward that wish, (mom's are good like that).

After I opened the dishes, and set them on the table, they clashed something awful with the cherry red table cloth I had originally set out.

So I headed for the store and found this beautiful collection of gold, grey, tan and silver linens. Because it is so close to Christmas the store had marked everything down more than 50%! I love the way the paisley on the napkins mimics the feathery-leaf pattern on the dishes.

 The tablecloth is a soft warm grey with specks of gold shimmer. Very subtle.

Down the center of the table I have three gold dusted candles seated in a twig basket in the same soft grey shade.

This is a reproduction rooster I bought some years ago.

But this is an original chicken dish from the period of the set.

The whole table reminds me of the sun's rays bleeding over the frost and snow. The soft grey of winter with golden warmth shining through. 



Just beautiful I have several sets of old dishes and I just love them. Yours is very elegant

Shannon @VillageGirlBlog said...

Love the silver and gold!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

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