Saturday, January 5, 2013

CC Post: Juicing Our Way to a Happy Flock

Here's a resolution that will keep you and your flock healthy in 2013! Check out my latest Community Chicken's post, Juicing Our Way to a Healthy Flock.

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KenPSr said...

Christmas 2011 our kids got us a Juicer and for over s year now we juice every day. It has been an easy way to get healthier and we found a super benefit for our chickens. They are in a large grassy area during the summer and they run to the edge when we toss the leavings from the juicer into the yard. This is especially great in the winter when the snow is too deep for them to get into the yard and forage around. With the juicer pulp the chickens get greens and veggies. They leave the feeder and scratch to squabble over the morsels. Good for all of us!

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