Thursday, May 23, 2013

Goat Cheese and Lavender Pizza

I've been trying to make meals that correlate around what we're bringing in from the barn, the coop and the garden.

Right now that includes, early spring greens, garlic greens, perennial herbs, eggs, and lots of dairy.

Along with eating from the backyard, I've been attempting to switch all of our bread, pasta, etc. over to whole wheat or whole grains and our rice over to brown. I found this whole wheat flour, have you guys heard of it? Prairie Gold by Wheat Montana Farms and Bakery. I don't think it's organic, but it's GMO free, 100% whole grain, certified chemical free, and isn't "enhanced" nutritionally (100% Nutritional Value, nothing added or removed) The farm also believes in sustainable farming. I take all this with a grain of salt...but their claims seemed more promising than some of the other brands, and it was reasonably priced. (There's a more hearty version Bronze Chief.)

The Dough
I found a really nice/easy whole wheat pizza crust recipe here. I used honey instead of sugar, and extra virgin olive oil for my oil. I dumped all the ingredients in a bowl, kneaded it together a few times and left it out on the warm covered porch to rise.When it was done rising, I punched it down and rolled it very thin and placed it on a cornmeal sprinkled cookie sheet (I don't have a pizza pan).

This recipe made two pizza crusts the size shown here. I refrigerated the remaining dough for another time.

The Toppings
Pizza is one of those clean-out-the-fridge meals. Like fritattas, you have a base and then I pile left over veggies, herbs and cheese in eggs, or in this case, on a pizza crust and there's dinner.

For this pizza I used a jar of our spaghetti sauce from last year's heirloom tomatoes, peppers, herbs and onions. But if you have basil growing right now, a homemade pesto would be wonderful with goat cheese! Our basil is still sort of small.

Then I sprinkled a layer of our Double Cream Goat Cheese.

Some spring garlic greens, and some left over spinach and mushrooms that we had for dinner last night, (sauteed in goat butter with garlic greens and salt). For those of who who are finding Morels, that would be delicious! (Side note...for those of you finding Morels I am totally jealous! We are quite Morel free...) I also put our pickled jalapenos on Zach's half.

Then the sort-of weird ingredient...I like rosemary on pizza. But our rosemary plant is still puny and my plant from last year didn't make it through the winter. So I chopped up some lavender leaves and sprinkled those on. The flavor reminds me of an herb-y rosemary taste, but a little more floral.

I baked it in a 425 degree oven for 20 minutes. The goat cheese because it has that extra cream melted beautifully!

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