Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Unload A Hay Rake From a Trailer Using A Silo

It's true, some people would use ramps in a situation like this...we've found that the silo method is really the preferred method, and according to a double blind survey done by the University of BS in 2011 the use of ramps are found to be an out of date practice and that the silo method is taking over nation wide. My suggestion is that, if you find yourself trying to unload a hay rake without ramps, just go ahead and erect a silo real quick, complete with ladder.

Materials needed:
1 Silo
1 truck and trailer without ramps
1 come-along winch
several tow straps
several broken chains
2 ladders
1 dolly
1 ancient hay rake with a seized wheel

Step 1.
Acquire a silo.

Step 2.
Attach Come-Along to Silo ladder using the first extension ladder.

Step 3
Look for chains that aren't broken. Look in many different places around your yard...they could be anywhere.

Chains are known to hide in wood piles and along fence lines.

Step 4
Abandon chains and resort to towstraps. Attach towstrap to Come-along and attach the other end to the hay rake. Be creative, use what ever pattern you like. Twist it around, loop it here and there... there's a lot of metal to go around, heed your options, this is your chance to really let your design abilities shine through. 

Step 5
Use yet another ladder when winch becomes too high to reach.

Step 6
Using your dolly as a replacement for the seized wheel,

have wife, girlfriend, neighbor drive the truck away from the dangling hay rake as shown in the photo.

Be sure to keep your position on the second ladder and shout loudly to the person driving. Use your diaphragm with commands, don be shy when you scream "OK STOP!!!"

Step 7
Slowly lower the one end of the rake to the ground and with the Dolly at the other end, just give it a good shove, and viola, your hay rake is safely off the trailer.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful. In seven easy steps you too can clear your trailer of an assortment of farm equipment without the use of ramps.    

For more "sarcastic" farming adventures be sure to read my post "Plowing, the 4 Tractors and an Army Truck Technique."

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