Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 Fall Mohair Shearing

We finally got all 7 Angora goats sheared. (These pictures were actually taken on the 13th.) I'm happy to report that it gets easier each time. I am really pleased with the quality of the fleece this shearing and I feel like they produced more than they ever have.

This was Harriette's first time. She was such a good girl on the stanchion.  And oh! oh! her fiber is like silk!

This is Ichabod. He is still producing kid-like fiber even though this is his 3rd shearing.

 As is his sister Beatrix.

I love the way the fleece comes off all in one sheet.

Josiah, freshly shorn.

  Bea and Ichy playing now that their mohair is all off. Sometimes I wonder if they think "hey...are you a new goat?"

The chickens... still disappointed that mohair is not food. But they'll clean up the goat grain in the tipped bucket, no problem.

Oliver watched the shearing show in the shade of the Farmall.

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windhaven farm said...

Hi! Great blog... a new reader. I have Angora goats as well, and I was wondering, what sort of shears are you using? The type and blade would be so helpful. I have tried some just simple electric trimmers and they don't do very well on the angora fiber, either goats or rabbits that we have as well. Can you let me know? Thanks a bunch! Back to reading! Sherri

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