Monday, October 14, 2013

Fly Away Raven Wreath

I've been on an Edgar Allen Poe kick this Halloween ever since Zach bought me this cool vintage Raven sign for my anniversary present. I decided to display the Raven on my Edgar Allen Poe poetry books on our desk with ink well and Raven Feather quill. (It's really a turkey feather ;).

I've always had a fascination with crows and ravens. I remember the first time I ever saw a raven in the Upper Peninsula. It was HUGE! compared to the common crow we see in the Lower Peninsula.

I always hang this black iron bird cage on our porch each Halloween with a life-like raven decoration inside. It's motion censored so it crows when someone walks onto the porch.

So going with theme, I made this Fly Away Raven Wreath. The silhouettes look as though they are materializing from the black feathers.


1 feather boa
1 metal coat hanger
garbage bag twist ties (or wire)

black poster board
Picmonkey Raven Silhouettes

For the Wreath
Create a wreath form out of the wire coat hanger by bending it into a circle. Attach the feather boa to the wreath with the twist ties. 

For the Ravens
Create a blank document and save in it your "my documents" file. Open this document in Picmonkey. Re-size the document to 8x10. Click on the Halloween embellishments icon which appears as a Jack-O-Lantern symbol in the left side tool bar. Click on the "Witches" section. Then click the "Voracious Raven" section. Add one of the raven cut outs to your document. Re-size the raven to fill the whole 8x10 space. Save and print. Repeat for the other raven images. Tape the printed ravens to a piece of black poster board and cut out. Tape to the wall with a ring of painters tape. 

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