Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Dollar Store Martha Stewart Spider Wreath

I originally saw this wreath on the Martha Stewart show. But I am so so excited to share that I was able to re-create it for $6! (Not including hot glue or recycled cardboard.) Most of my materials came from the Dollar Tree, except the ribbon that I found for $2 at Michael's.  

Materials (from Dollar Tree)
-2 bags Spanish moss
-1 bag plastic glitter spiders
-1 bag fake cobwebs

 -ribbon of choice

-cardboard ring (use a large plate, or pizza pan for a template)
-glue gun
-hot glue sticks

Simply squeeze hot glue onto a cardboard form and smash wads of moss onto the cardboard. Keep layering until you get enough of a base. Then glue spiders willy nilly, however you like-em, and stretch some cob web across the wreath. Tie with a bow and you're done! I really like the way it looks on our black door. The porch is a putty-tan with white trim as is the moss and white ribbon which makes the whole thing very mono-cromatic which I love!

Here's the original tutorial from Martha. Musty Wreath Relic

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