Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blacksmithing, Oak Leaf Trivet

Here are some photos from Zach's Saturday work in the forge making an Oak Leaf Trivet.

Bending the metal to form the legs of the trivet.

Two done.

One hot out of the forge and curved to shape inside the trivet ring.

Laying out how they'll fit in the trivet ring.

Getting things together.

Fist leaf attached with a hand made copper rivet.

The finished trivet sealed in a coating of our own beeswax to prevent rust.


Meagan said...

Hi Jennifer,
Zach does great work! My nine year old son has always said he wants to be a blacksmith when he grows up. Do you or Zach know of any local places that would give him a chance to try it out? Do you guys have any open forge nights coming up?

Jennifer Sartell said...

Hi Meagan,
Thanks so much! Zach was holding basic teaching/open forge classes last spring. If there was interest I'm sure he would be open to it again. He really enjoyed it. I'll talk to him about it, probably after the holidays. :)

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