Sunday, November 23, 2014

Faux Large Loom, Hand Woven Scarf, Part 2

To learn how to set up this project please visit Part 1 in this series. 

To begin weaving, you're going to want to leave some space before the first weft and the loom. This space will create your tossles on the end of each scarf. You should have your clothes pins marking your weft spots. 

I began by tying on the first color. You're going to be working with two strands at a time.

Pull the first strand under the second warp moving bottom to top.

Then pull the second strand in the opposite motion moving over the second warp and under the third.

If you pull each strand slightly to the right, you will create a twist between the two strands and this will lock the scarf in place even better.

Continue this over under pattern to the top of the scarf.

Adjust the weave so that it's straight. 

You can tie it off here, or simply loop around and repeat the over under process moving back down the scarf.

Adjust the second weave to snug it up next to the first,

and repeat a third time.

You can finish the strand at each weave by tying off and tucking it between the plies of the thicker yarn. (Like you would in a knitting or crocheting project.) Or you can leave them in a fringe, or simple snip them close to the knot.

Work this way, alternating strand colors until you reach the end of the scarf leaving room for tossels at that end too.

To learn how to finish this project please visit Part 3.

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