Friday, January 23, 2015

Photo Friday

These are the photos I posted on our Facebook Timeline this week, and some extras from dinner last night. I made a delicious pot of french onion soup, breaded pork chops a big salad and chocolate chip cookies for desert. It's been a weird week. Zach's been working a lot of hours so I've been hunkering down with little projects in the evenings, getting caught up on writing ideas and some art commissions. The farm is tucked in for winter. We've had some snow this week and the temperatures haven't been too bad...mid twenties. Still too early to tell if the goats are pregnant, but fingers crossed!!!

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Audrey Barton said...

Such pretty photos! Those little sprouts give me hope for the spring, as I'm hunkered down under a blanket of snow in Mid-Michigan. Stay warm! -- Audrey,

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