Friday, February 20, 2015

Photo Friday

It's cold. So very cold here, as I'm sure it is in many parts of the country. Today it's a balmy 3 degrees. Though, I'm thankful to be on the positive side of zero. I think the whopper this week was -16, so we'll take 3 gladly. I worry so much about the animals in this cold. I wish I could bring them all in the house and let them curl up on the couch, cozy and comfortable. Extra straw and warm water seems like little defense against this weather, but for now it's all we can do. It is surprisingly warm in the barn though...I mean not warm per se, but not as frigid as you would think. Zach and I spent about an hour out there yesterday trying to figure out if the girls are pregnant and it was cold, but not numbing like it is outside. Here's some photos that I shared on our Facebook Page this week, and some from last week too. Keep warm!  

We got the wool back from the mill! 61 pounds of Mohair!

Oliver helping us collect wood for the furnace

The bobbin winder for the sock machine. Gonna give it another go.

Emmet enjoying papaya and spring greens

Weekend breakfast of fried potatoes and onions, homemade maple sausage and scrambled eggs with green onion and Irish Cheddar

My first kumquat

Bacon, blue cheese, basil and balsamic chicken flatbread

Hand forged roses Zach made for Valentine customers

Homemade Lasagna with homemade Sweet Italian sausage and tomatoes from the garden

Daily nature share. Saw this fox at the Cog Railroad at Mount Washington


Eppie Doodle said...

Beautiful photos!

Take care.

KathyB said...

I always like looking at your pictures; especially those of Oliver. He's just beautiful!

Jennifer Sartell said...

Thank you!

Jennifer Sartell said...

We love him so much . Thank you!

Jennifer Sartell said...

We love him so much . Thank you!

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